Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back by popular demand!

At Last … A Step-By Step-Approach to
Becoming the Author of Your Life
A series of six powerful and practical workshops

We will be presenting new material in an accessible and practical way introducing and using Law of Attraction, EFT, guided meditation, vision boards and the power of intention to help guide you in creating your own reality.
Our work will be centred on individual ‘Abundance Journals’ that you can take with you and carry on using afterwards.
The workshops will be hands-on, creative and experimental and you will learn tools and techniques for manifesting desires and learn how to change negative and limiting beliefs.

Prospect Room, Methodist Church, Saffron Walden
Mondays 17 September to 22 October 2012 from 7.15-9.15pm

£150/£130 if paid in full by 3 September 2012

Developed by Linda Anderson and Inger Madsen and drawing on their wealth of experience working with conscious creation, abundance and energy therapies, these workshops contain powerful material that will change the way you live your life and enhance the part you play as the global shift in consciousness accelerates in 2012.
To apply for a place (max 20 people) please contact Inger on 01799 500690 or


I feel happier, more confident and definitely brighter and looking forward very much to what the Universe is going to send me. I have started introducing colour into my life.

This is the best course I’ve been on … and I’ve been on a few!

Fantastic tapping, really inspiring from both of you, lovely humour, empathy, understanding, warmth and sharing.

What’s been most meaningful on the course is that I’ve become aware of my thoughts, beliefs and challenging them, seeing that they are not true, they hold me back and I have a choice to change them.

I know I’ll feel the benefits for a long time.

A well thought-through, well-delivered course. Most beneficial was learning about myself and changing the way I feel and think.

Course content was easily digestible, at the right pace and pitch, comprehensive, surprising, challenging and fun. The delivery was professional, open and built flexibly to meet individuals’ differing needs/issues.

I loved the guided meditations and will carry on using them

I really do think the workshops have been great, so well thought out and structured, and I really feel like I've been on a journey with you.

Benefits – I have definitely become more positive thinking and more aware of being negative and being triggered by the past. Although progress is slow I can feel changes happening.